Community Scripts

The SQL Community has created fantastic resources, all…for…you!

Check them out and let me know if you think I have missed any that should be included.

Bear in mind that this is a work in progress, so I’d be happy to hear your suggestions on layouts, formats, etc. This is a collection of community scripts and tools; I got no problem with the community having a say in the final result.

Standard warnings:

Nearly every script in here has the standard warning. Something along the lines of

WARNING: Script is from the web, the place where bugs, viruses, and sarcasm lives! Use at your own risk and/or peril.

You have been warned…

Community Scripts Preview:

In case you want to check out some of these links individually, I’ve added a list of the contributors, resource name, and the bitly link.

Contributor Resource Bitly Link
Adam Machanic sp_WhoIsActive
Andy Mallon Shortcuts Cheat Sheet
Brent Ozar Unlimited Paste The Plan
Daniel Janik How’s My Plan
dbatools dbatools
Glenn Berry SQL Server Diagnostic Information Queries
Kenneth Fisher sp_SrvPermissions
Kimberly Tripp sp_SQLskills_helpindex
Mike Fal PowerShell Toolbox
Niko Neugebauer Columnstore Indexes Scripts Library
Paul Randal Wait Statistics (please, tell me where it hurts)
Waits Library
Raul Gonzalez sqlg_securityAuditServerLogins

Scripts PDF:

PDF’s are so much prettier than hard-to-edit WordPress tables, aren’t they? Here’s a preview of what the PDF looks like!

It’s not the very latest version but I leave it in because Andy Mallon is first in this. 😀

Community Scripts Preview

PDF available in the link below

Community Scripts V05